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I cannot recommend Jack’s services enough. He is extremely knowledgeable and responsive, and I was genuinely impressed by the quality of his services. He took the time and had me prepare my file and documents in a well-organized manner. He then explained the legal implications of my case in detail. I sensed that he genuinely cared and was trustworthy. Throughout the process, Jack provided expert service and was prompt, supportive.

Paul Robichaud

On our first meeting Jack gave me more knowledge around family law than my previous lawyer had in over a year and multiple meetings. Jack has been more than willing to help with guidance and advice with family law. He’s extremely knowledgeable and astute. He’s been very fair to deal with. I highly recommend his services.
Andrew Mailman

Father Son – Farming Forestry

Provided timely answers and solutions in a child’s support case interprovincial. Would recommend.

Christine Breault

I would recommend him 100%. I received a fast and accurate information for child support. Even on weekend. Thanks Jack!

Eric Hins

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