Moncton Child Support Lawyer

Date Posted: August 24, 2021 1:49 am

Moncton Child Support Lawyer

The determination of child support in New Brunswick is made through a formula under the Federal Child Support Guidelines. The base amount and other additional expenses are paid to the parent with custody of the child. Some factors like financial hardship claims, undisclosed income and others can complicate the case. Legal advice is highly recommended in all the stages of the separation process.

We, at Haller Law, a Moncton NB Law Firm, provide legal representation in matters of child support. We are passionate and have the legal knowledge to represent all our clients. We also help clients make better decisions in child custody, spousal support, property division, and other family law matters. Divorce and separation can be difficult. Working with highly experienced lawyers can make the process fast and easy and avoid costly mistakes.

Moncton Child Support Lawyer

The Haller Law family lawyers understand the weight and complications of child custody cases, especially when the child’s welfare is at stake.

Our experienced lawyers will provide you the best legal advice and representation in court for child and family-related cases. With our experience and professionalism, you will have a better chance of getting what you deserve and protect you’re your child’s best interests.

How Lawyers Help in Child Custody Disputes

Dealing with complicated paperwork, court motions, and child custody laws can be overwhelming when battling for custody of your young child. Please let us handle your legal proceedings so that you can maintain your relationship with your children, focus on your work, and maintain your family life.

All court forms must be completed to successfully file a custody case. You should demonstrate your ability to provide a stable, loving home environment for your child in your court materials. The court will want to see your position, so your documents must be adequately prepared. Our lawyers will fight for you and the rights of your child.

We will draft your Application, file your notice of motion financial disclosure and serve your spouse affidavits, and other documentation required in court, and served to your spouse. You can rely on our lawyers for the best legal representation and help secure what will be in your child’s best interest.

Child Support Guidelines and Other Expenses

The Federal Child Support Guidelines provide a basis for calculating child support. By considering the income and number of children of the non-custodial parent, the Guidelines help determine the amount of child support paid to the custodial parent each month.

In addition to the base amount of support, parents may also have to contribute towards certain expenses. Parents usually contribute a proportionate amount towards these “special” or “extraordinary” expenses, depending on their income: such as;

  • Post-secondary education expenses
  • Extracurricular activities like sports
  • Medial insurance benefits
  • School educational program costs

Factors That Determine Child Support Amount

Child support can be determined accurately when you work with a Moncton Child Support Lawyer. The following factors are considered when making this determination:

  • The number of children you have
  • Number of days spent yearly with each parent
  • Parents’ gross incomes

Child Support Enforcement

It is one thing to receive a child support order, but it is quite another to have the order enforced. Our firm can assist if you are receiving child support payments on an inconsistent basis or if no payments are being made at all. Child support orders will be enforced by garnishing wages to ensure payment.

Contact us for more details on how to secure your children’s support. Separation and divorce handbooks are available at our firm, and there are a variety of resources online. Still, we also give all first-time clients a family law kit that includes a wealth of information and resources to help them succeed during the divorce and separation process. Call us at 506-204-1203 to set an appointment or emails us at


How do I request a child support modification?

Parents can change child support orders by agreeing on a new amount with each other. Documenting changes to the support order and having the order signed by the judge is essential. Your agreement is not valid unless signed by the courts.

There’s a risk to following a verbal agreement without legally changing the support order. The paying parent may end up with arrears if the court doesn’t issue a new order. Paying the other parent directly can place you in even more financial trouble if that parent breaks the agreement and goes after you to pay the original amount.

You may have to file a motion to vary in family court if you and your partner cannot agree. A motion to vary is the legal process that asks a judge to change a court order or agreement that details support.

Family Law Rules govern each step of the court case. In Rule 81, you will find out what you need to do when filing a motion to change. You can consult your lawyer to determine whether existing facts could justify a change in your court order or separation agreement.