Employment & Labour Lawyer

Employment Law

Employment Law (or Labour Law) is the body of law that governs the relationship between employers and employees and any other workplace-related matters.

Our firm has assisted employees and employers with their employment and labour issues for over 16 years.  Mr. Haller has provided strategic advice to unionized and non-unionized employees.  He has appeared before the Court of Queen’s Bench, the New Brunswick Court of Appeal, the Public Service Labour Relations Board, the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission and the Worksafe Appeals Tribunal.

Whether it is a claim for wrongful dismissal, a breach of an employment contract or a collective agreement, a human rights complaint, or an appeal of a decision from Worksafe New Brunswick, Mr. Haller has the experience and knowledge to tailor his advice to your unique situation and will work closely with you in order to resolve the legal issue as promptly as possible.

His areas of practice include:  Employment and labour law litigation and mediations, grievance arbitrations, human rights complaints such as the duty to accommodate and discrimination, drafting and reviewing employment contracts, collective agreements, confidentiality agreements and severance packages, hiring foreign workers (with Nicole Druckman), and health and safety matters.

Feel free to contact our firm for assistance with any of these employment-related matters.