Civil Litigation Lawyer

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation is the procedure of resolving civil matters in a court of law. That is the area of law that handles disputes between people and organizations, where compensation is sought, assessed, and granted.

At Haller Law, we help many clients injured in motor vehicle accidents. Over 17 years of experience representing clients and insurance companies gives us the credibility and confidence that we will successfully resolve your injury case. We can also help you with other litigation matters involving a breach of contract, an employment or family law issue, or any situation where a client seeks damages or a Court Order.

Mr. Haller has extensive experience and knowledge in pre-trial and trial procedures. He has appeared many times before the Court of Queen’s Bench of New Brunswick, the Small Claims Court of New Brunswick, Public Service Labour Relations Board, and the New Brunswick Court of Appeal

Whether it is a personal injury action, a wrongful dismissal, a human rights complaint, a family law dispute, or a debt collection, Mr. Haller will tailor his advice to the client’s unique situation to resolve the matter as efficiently and professionally as possible.

Haller Law has years of experience in family and divorce law, as well as employment law. Our practice includes personal injuries, wrongful dismissals, and debt collections. We also deal with alternative dispute resolution methods, such as collaborative law and mediation.

Both individuals and businesses rely on contracts in performing their everyday operations. Contracts are binding agreements with clients, employees, partners, and vendors that define the responsibilities of both parties. However, one of the parties sometimes fails to act under its stipulated obligations. In such a case, a breach of contract occurs. Although the contracts are legally binding, the only way to enforce them when a dispute arises is by filing a breach of contract lawsuit. It is practically impossible to succeed in litigation and recover the damages without the help and representation of a contract dispute lawyer. Mr. Haller is undoubtedly one of the most experienced in this area.

Divorce is a complex emotional and legal process that includes strong emotions such as anger, fear, and resentment. Handling divorces in court litigation requires the assistance of a lawyer knowledgeable and experienced in high-end divorce cases. Divorce specialist expertise is decisive in handling various business, property, and tax issues typical for high net worth divorce cases. You do not have to seek further. At Haller Law, we have got you covered.

Disagreement with working conditions, labor standards, and salaries are just some of the numerous situations that may lead to an employment dispute. At Haller Law, our experience in court will ensure that any of your claims against your employer regarding severance pay or working conditions end successfully.

An alternative dispute resolution is another area where Mr. Haller excels. Resolving a dispute out of the court is one of the most time and cost-effective mechanisms nowadays. When using the collaborative law method for handling your disputed legal issues, Mr. Haller is highly qualified and trained to facilitate a broad range of family-related disputes that are part of the collaborative law process. He will make sure your rights are in safe hands during negotiations with the other involved party. There will be no settlement if it does not fit the best interests of his clients.

In mediation, another alternative dispute resolution method, Mr. Haller will diligently follow negotiations throughout the entire procedure. In private sessions with the mediator and during a joint session with the other party, his experience will help you navigate the process and reach the best possible outcome.

His expertise will also facilitate collecting debts from any responsible party. That includes initiating private negotiations with the debtor to settle the debt and ensure the owned amount is collected as soon as possible. However, some responsible parties are unwilling to communicate. In that case, a lawsuit will ensue seeking damages from the opposing party, including all applicable legal fees. The years of litigation experience at Haller Law will prove to be the most valuable asset for any client.

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