How to Choose a Civil Litigation Lawyer in Moncton, NB

Date Posted: August 24, 2022 11:47 am

How to Choose a Civil Litigation Lawyer in Moncton, NB

Choosing the right civil lawyer to represent you in court is crucial when you get involved in a civil dispute. Whether you suffered a personal injury, wrongful dismissal, or you are a victim of human rights violation, the best civil lawyer can make a difference between rightful compensation or further violation of your rights.

Not every lawyer can help you protect your rights in family law disputes, contract disputes, or labour disputes. To avoid ending up in debt after a loss in court, you need to choose wisely.

Below are questions you should ask when choosing a civil litigation lawyer in Moncton, New Brunswick.

  1. Where Should I Look First?

Start looking among local civil litigation lawyers. Apart from a knowledgeable and skillful lawyer, you need a lawyer near you so you can reach them easily whenever you need them. Do not forget that discussing matters related to your case requires in-person meetings. Traveling long distances to see your lawyer several times a month can be costly and time-consuming. Besides, choosing a local lawyer means lower costs because they do not have to travel to court hearings.

  1. What are Other Advantages of Choosing a Local Civil Litigation Lawyer?

Litigators near you are best familiar with the practice of local courts and know what to expect from judges. That is a significant advantage over non-local lawyers. That does not mean they can (or should) influence judges when deciding your case. Local lawyers know local circumstances, public opinion, and court practice. Knowing how courts ruled in similar cases in the past enables them to better prepare and present your case.

  1. Are Expensive Legal Fees a Guarantee of Quality?

When choosing the best litigator, you should always be aware of the costs. You are a party to a dispute that involves the financial compensation you deserve. Before hiring a lawyer, ask yourself if paying a specific fee is the best investment considering other options. Unfortunately, hefty fees do not always equal success in court. Some lawyers charge enormous fees, but that does not reflect their skill and expertise, which is why you should be wise when spending your hard-earned money on fees. Look further than the price. Examine what a specific lawyer offers in return and check their credentials. Ensure their record justifies the fees they charge.

Choosing a Local Civil Litigation Lawyer
  1. Should I Use Online Search Results?

The first thing you should do in search of the best litigator in your area is to go through lists of local lawyers. An online search can be helpful. Most lawyers nowadays have websites. Check all available online information, including credentials, records, and client impressions. However, do not forget that everyone can pay to get a first-class website. Online profiles can be manipulated and optimized to get more traffic. Even impressions of former clients can be deceiving. 

  1. What Else Can I Do to Select the Right Civil Litigation Lawyer?

To be sure the online presentation is not a scam, ask yourself does the website seem realistic. Think about the former clients and their online impressions. Do they sound sincere enough? Or do they seem artificial? However, do not rely solely on websites. Ask the people you know about the lawyer you intend to hire. Ask other lawyers what they think about the lawyer you consider hiring. They can tell you how your prospective candidate handled past cases. Ask your friends if they have experience with that specific lawyer. Perhaps they were one of the clients, meaning you can check their impressions in person or meet them for free consultation.

  1. Does My Case Have Merit?

Perhaps not the most popular, but this is one of the most important questions you should ask yourself when choosing a lawyer for your case. You need to stay realistic and know what to expect from your lawyer. Instead of expecting a miracle, having realistic expectations about the outcome of your dispute are more helpful. Remember that hiring a lawyer is only the first step. No lawyer can guarantee you will win the case. Sometimes lawyers invest their utmost efforts in representing their client’s case, but the outcome is negative. That is why you should be aware if your case is meritless and do not expect impossible. However, you want your lawyer to act in good faith and to the best of their knowledge. That is what you are paying.

  1. Is a Litigator Willing to Go an Extra Mile?

That is a matter of work philosophy and ethical values they uphold. Legal skills and practical knowledge are essential, but they are not enough. You want a lawyer with firm values and a commitment to justice. Of course, you should never ask your lawyer to work for free, but you should also be aware of lawyers who do not want to put an additional effort into your case, regardless of the fee. Seek a lawyer who believes in achieving results and sees winning the case as a professional challenge.

  1. Do I Need to  Interview My Lawyer Before Hiring?

Absolutely. First, you should always perform thorough research using the tips mentioned above. Next, create a list of the best candidates that fit your needs and specific situation. Finally, interview each candidate. That is crucial because talking to them in person is the best way to corroborate the results of your research. Do not forget to ask each candidate about their experience, record, and the values they uphold. Ask them if they want to put extra effort into proving your claims and winning the case. On the other hand, reveal as many details as possible about the case, so they can estimate if it has merits and is worth pursuing in court.

Civil Litigation Lawyer That You Can Trust

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