Fire Loss Accident Lawyer, Moncton, NB

Date Posted: October 19, 2023 1:27 am

Fire Loss Accident Lawyer, Moncton, NB


A devastating natural or human-made phenomenon, fires result in significant property damage, personal injuries, and loss of life. In Canada, where the country’s vast forests, varying climate conditions, and diverse landscapes increase the risk of fire-related incidents, effective fire prevention is vital.

When fires occur, causing destruction and financial and personal loss, having a well-versed and experienced fire loss lawyer by your side can make a difference between a new beginning or a final demise.

This article will discuss the impact of fires, explore their common types and causes, explain the consequences, and highlight the importance of hiring knowledgeable legal professionals whose expertise is crucial in helping individuals and businesses navigate the complexities of fire-related claims and lawsuits. Ready to dive in? Read on to learn more!

The Impact of Fires in Moncton, New Brunswick

Like other cities in Canada, Moncton is not immune to the risks and consequences of fires. The aftermath of fires is often overwhelming, regardless of its type and scope. The destruction of personal belongings, physical injuries, emotional pain, and financial loss are inherent to almost all types of fires – whether we are talking about a residential property and commercial building fire or a natural disaster such as a forest fire.

The National Forestry Database statistics show that over 8,000 fires occur annually, burning an average of over 2.1 million hectares. About 50% of all fires are caused by lightning, destroying about 85% of the annual area caught in the fire.

According to Statistics Canada, there were 32 fires in New Brunswick between 2017 and 2021, of which 29 were residential, one institutional, and two storage property fires.

Types and Common Causes of Fires

Canada’s destructive fires, such as the one in the spring of 2023, can devastate individuals, communities, and the environment. Understanding their types and typical causes is crucial for future prevention and dealing with fire-related claims. Below are the most common fires in Canada and their roots:


Also known as forest fires, they spread rapidly through grasslands, bushes, and forests, causing significant damage to wildlife and the environment. The typical causes are lightning and human activities. Lightning strikes occur during thunderstorms, igniting fires in remote or desolated areas. On the other hand, improperly discarding cigarette butts is a human activity causing wildfires.

Structural Fires

Structural fires occur in homes, offices, and other types of buildings. They typically result from cooking accidents, electrical faults, arson, and improperly operated or broken heating appliances.

Industrial Fires

Factories, manufacturing facilities, and warehouses often get caught by industrial fires caused by chemical reactions, human error, or equipment malfunctions.

Vehicle Fires

Fires can occur in cars, trucks, boats, and other vehicles, spreading quickly and causing significant economic damage, personal injuries, and, unfortunately, loss of life. They result from fuel leaks, engine malfunctions, or traffic accidents.

Consequences of Fires

Due to its vast forested areas and climate conditions, Canada is susceptible to fires, such as record-breaking wildfires in 2023. Industrial and residential fires also take part in extensive damage and long-lasting effects, such as those described below:

Environmental Damage

Wildfires destroy forests, grasslands, and other vegetation, causing immense environmental harm. Because they cover vast forested areas, wildfires release significant amounts of carbon dioxide, contributing to air pollution and climate change. They also increase the risk of flooding and landslides due to soil erosion and disrupted water cycles.

Air Quality and Health Issues

Carbon monoxide, volatile organic compounds, and particulate matter are some of the pollutants released in fires, causing respiratory, cardiovascular, and other health issues.

Economic Impact

The economic consequences of fires can be incalculable, comprising direct (infrastructure damage, loss of business, and firefighting efforts) and indirect costs (healthcare expenses, decreased property values, reduced industrial and agricultural productivity, and damage to the tourism industry).

Displacement and Home Loss

Wildfires and residential fires result in temporary or permanent displacement because people have no choice but to evacuate their homes. In addition to economic damage, the emotional and psychological harm can be overwhelming, requiring professional support and long-term recovery.

Why Seek Legal Assistance?

Why Seek Legal Assistance?

Fires, like other damaging incidents, produce long-term legal implications. Your right to recover medical expenses, rehabilitation, and reconstruction costs depends on the legal steps you take in the aftermath of devastating fires. Here are the reasons why everyone should seek legal assistance after a fire.

1. Navigating Insurance Claims

Insurance companies try to stay within their profit margin and create payment policies accordingly. They will try to delay payment or devalue your fire-related claim because that is how they maintain a profitable business. Dealing with insurance companies after a fire can be daunting because their in-house lawyers are experts in inventing the reasons for denying, delaying, or devaluing your claim. That is why assistance from a knowledgeable fire loss solicitor is vital. They will help you understand the insurance policy, negotiate the best terms, and get fair compensation. 

2. Determining Liability

Residential and industrial fires often result in complex legal questions regarding liability. Determining who is responsible for the fire – the owner, maintenance workers, or the resident – is crucial for deciding who will pay the economic and emotional costs of the incident. Did improper wiring, faulty wiring, or unsafe practices cause the fire? Sometimes, no one is to blame because natural and unforeseen factors caused the fire. In any case, an experienced fire loss lawyer can help you untangle these complex issues and take steps to hold the responsible party accountable.

3. Maximizing Compensation

As mentioned, insurance companies will try their best to minimize the payment or even deny your fire-related claim. Your lawyer’s job is to ensure you receive maximum compensation for medical costs, property damage, lost wages, and other expenses.

4. Legal Expertise and Advocacy

Legal proceedings following fire-related incidents are time-consuming and emotionally draining. A well-versed lawyer can help you navigate the complex legal landscape, providing expertise and advocacy at every step of your quest for just compensation.

What Can Fire Loss Accident Lawyers Offer in the Aftermath of Disaster?

Dealing with the legal complexities of fire-related cases is daunting. You do not (and should not) do it alone – going through horrible experiences and being a victim is enough. Here is what fire loss accident lawyers can offer after the incident:

  • Legal Consultation: The first moments after the fire-related accident are crucial. After receiving proper medical care, you probably feel confused and unsure what to do next. Fire loss accident lawyers can assist you with initial consultations, offering an expert assessment of the incident, helping you understand the consequences and the extent of damage, and providing you with a roadmap of future steps.
  • Investigation and Documentation: Lawyers experienced in fire-related cases know what and where to look for to ensure your claim is successful. They will collect material evidence, interview witnesses, and document all the details, building a winning case on your behalf.
  • Litigation and Court Representation: Sometimes, the insurance carriers refuse to settle, meaning your case will see a court resolution. A good lawyer will prepare a compelling court representation, ensuring you get the compensation you deserve.
Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways

  • Canada is prone to wildfires due to its vast forested areas. Residential and industrial fires are also frequent (32 between 2017 and 2021 in New Brunswick), causing devastating economic, emotional, and environmental consequences;
  • The most common consequences of fires include environmental damage, air quality and health issues, economic impact, displacement, and home loss;
  • Seeking legal assistance in the aftermath of a fire-related accident is vital. An experienced lawyer can help you navigate insurance claims, determine liability, maximize claims, conduct investigations,  gather evidence, and represent your case in court.

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